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St. Louis, Missouri: MetroLink


St. Louis Metro (formerly called the Bi-State Development Authority) operates a light rail line from the St. Louis airport (Lambert Field) to Belleville, Illinois. Parts of the route use an abandoned railroad right of way, an abandoned railroad tunnel through central St. Louis, and the Eads Bridge over the Mississippi River. The original 17-mile route from the airport through downtown St. Louis to East St. Louis, Illinois, opened on 31 July 1993. It was extended 17.4 miles from East St. Louis to Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville on 7 May 2001. A further 3.5-mile extension to Shiloh-Scott station in Belleville opened on 23 June 2003. Construction began in April 2003 on an 8-mile extension from Forest Park to Shrewsbury (the Cross County MetroLink), which is scheduled to open in 2006.

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[R] indicates pictures that I have rescanned from film beginning in 2006.

[R] [picture] The Eads Bridge over the Mississippi River. Can you see the MetroLink train? MetroLink uses the former lower (railroad) deck of the bridge; the upper (road) deck was removed shortly before this picture was taken. (August 1995; scanned March 2006)

[R] [picture] A westbound train runs on the viaduct across the Mississippi River flatlands, on the east side of the river in East St. Louis, Illinois. (August 1995; scanned March 2006)

[R] [picture] Passengers prepare to board a train at Laclede's Landing, just west of the Eads Bridge. (August 1995; scanned March 2006)

[R] [picture] Two trains meet at Union Station. (August 1995; scanned March 2006)

[R] [picture] MetroLink operates on the former Wabash Railroad right of way in Forest Park, west of St. Louis. (August 1995; scanned March 2006)

[R] [picture] At the Forest Park station, near sunset. (August 1995; scanned March 2006)

[picture] The underground station at 8th and Pine, showing the circular-arch roofs of the former railroad tunnel that Metrolink now uses. (June 2005)

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