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Rockford, Illinois:
Rockford Park District Trolley Car 36


The Rockford Park District operates a gas-powered (i.e. non-electric) open-bench "trolley" car, #36, over about 1.7 miles (2.7 km) of railroad track that runs along the Rock River northward from a station just north of Jefferson Street in downtown Rockford. This is an excursion-type service that normally runs Wednesday through Sunday during the summer months (June through August). Passengers ride from the trolley station in Riverview Park to the Sinnisippi Gardens at the north end of the line, where they have some time to explore before returning to the station.

In July 2007, car 36 was destroyed in a fire at the carbarn. It is now being restored, with the aim of running it again beginning in spring 2009.

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These pictures were taken on 31 August 2006, during a chartered excursion organized by Peter Ehrlich and the Cincinnati Railfans Club.

[picture] The trolley station at the south end of the line, in Riverview Park.

[picture] A closer view of car 36 at the trolley station.

[picture] Car 36 passes the carbarn shortly after leaving the trolley station, which is visible in the background.

[picture] After passing the carbarn, the track enters North Madison Street, and runs in the middle of the street for about 0.5 mile (0.8 km).

[picture] A FedEx truck parked in the middle of North Madison Street blocks the track briefly.

[picture] At Y Boulevard, the track leaves the street and enters its own right of way.

[picture #1] | [picture #2] Proceeding further north, the trolley offers nice views of the Rock River.

[picture] The trolley's route ends just south of the Auburn Street bridge, near a large abstract metal sculpture, Symbol, by Alexander Liberman.

[picture] Interior of car 36.

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