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Buffalo, New York: Metro Rail


Buffalo has a single light-rail line, the Metro Rail, operated by the Niagrara Frontier Transportation Authority. It opened in 1984, has fourteen stations, and is about 6.2 miles long. The trains were built by the Tokyu Car Corporation.

The "inner" part of the line runs at street level, along the Main Street Transit Mall. At stations, passengers may board either at street level or at small high-platform islands which are accessible by ramps for wheelchairs and the disabled.

At the north end of the transit mall, the line descends into a tunnel and runs underneath Main Street to the South Campus of the University at Buffalo.

The street-level part of the line is fare-free. Elsewhere, fares are paid on the Proof of Purchase system in which passengers must purchase tickets before boarding and keep them available for random inspection.

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[R] indicates pictures that I have re-scanned from film beginning in 2006.

[R] [picture] A northbound train crosses Church Street. (June 1991; scanned March 2006).

[R] [picture] A southbound train stops at Church Street. Notice the small high-level platform for passengers boarding at the front door of the train. The other doors use street-level boarding at the surface stations. (June 1991; scanned March 2006)

[picture] Two trains pass each other on the Main Street mall, near the Church Street station. (July 2001)

[R] [picture] A northbound train enters the subway. (June 1991; scanned March 2006)

[R] [picture] A ticket vending machine. (June 1991; scanned March 2006)

[picture] A newer ticket vending machine. (July 2001)

[picture] Exterior view of the entrance to the South Campus station, at which passengers can transfer to buses for destinations further out. (July 2001)

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